Bad weather, great music

I saw this band perform today as part of the City of London festival.  The band is called “Batucada Sound Machine” and they’re from New Zealand.  Their music is described as, “Latin/Samba inspired”, which just goes to show you should never judge by appearances because to look at, they resemble some kind of Heavy Metal/ post grunge type band.  I think it’s the lead singer’s beard.  But their music is more Jamiroquai (although they may loathe the comparison) than Nirvana.  It’s upbeat, it’s got a powerful beat and tempo – it’s pretty hard not to listen to it and find yourself clapping along.  I was sitting down but there was definitely some shoulder/waist twisting action going on.

It seemed to appeal to everyone from a couple of toddlers who happily and unselfconsciously bopped up and down, to the nice Chinese couple from Hong Kong who were sitting next to me. A couple who stood near us, who couldn’t resist the beat and showed some serious dancing skills that were as impressive as the music.

So inspite of the bad weather and an initially thin crowd, the band did well, and by the time their set had finished, the crowd had increased significantly.  They are apparently on tour, so check them out if you can, unlike Cheryl Cole, they’re worth it.

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