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I think Channing Tatum is a good actor and I’m almost not embarrassed to admit it….

Last night I watched “Dear John” and a couple of days prior to that I watched, “The Vow”.  It’s been a while since I saw a film with Channing Tatum, the last one being “Step-Up” which I really enjoyed and should probably be a little more reluctant to admit to.

It’s been interesting reading about him on gossip sites with the general consensus being that: he’s hot (agreed), a terrible actor (disagree), but a lovely bloke whose down to earth, humble and keen to learn how to become a better actor.  Sadly I’ve not met him, but based on the interviews I’ve read, he certainly comes across this way, so either it’s true or he’s a better actor than he gets credit for.  Watching “Dear John” last night, made me think the latter is true, which is not to say he’s faking his interview persona, just that on the whole, this film is pretty bad, which only serves to emphasise how good his performance is in contrast.

For those who’ve not seen it, “Dear John” is your usual boy meets girl love story, with Tatum being a US Soldier (John), who whilst on leave meets Seyfried (Savannah) and over the course his leave, they fall in love.  As he has to return to duty, they continue their relationship primarily through letters for a few years until Savannah meets someone else.  But fear not readers, the story doesn’t end there although to reveal more, would spoil it  for those wish to see it in spite of reading this review.

What I didn’t like about the film was that: Savannah was all but a saint; the writing was weak; and the film just felt a bit too tortured and angst ridden.  I understand it was supposed to be sad, but a few comic moments could have lightened it up a bit and provided some welcome relief from the general sense of melancholy.

What saved the film for me was Seyfried and Tatum’s performance.  Seyfried did a good job of portraying a character whose so perfect she’s irritating, yet I didn’t hate her.  Tatum’s performance was particularly good in how understated his delivery was.  His character wasn’t necessarily the most vocal, so a lot of feeling was conveyed through eyes and facial expressions. I think Tatum did a good job in this respect;  he demonstrated subtlety in conveying emotions and gave a restrained but sensitive performance non-verbally, which was just as well considering the script.

And as for “The Vow”, well if I ending up marrying someone like that I wouldn’t have any complaints, amnesia or no amnesia.  Again, I thought he gave a solid performance; his love and passion for his wife felt completely genuine, so his pain felt real and authentic.  I really hope that he’s around for a while because he’s definitely one to watch.